Partnership opportunities


Dentistry and patient care are the reasons you wanted to become a dentist in the first place. Over the years, you’ve been able to build something you’re proud of, a clinic that matches your vision. At ECDG, we partner with clinic owners to offer support, allowing them to focus entirely on dentistry and patient care. Nothing changes: the DNA of your clinic remains intact. This partnership is truly one of equals where you can retain full clinical autonomy.

The promise of a partnership

  • Management team that offers strategic insight and expertise in clinic management.

  • Marketing services that can provide assistance promoting and growing your clinic.

  • Human resources to aid in the recruitment of top talent for your team.

The promise of growth

  • Join an already established network of professionals with a wide range of expertise.

  • You and your team will have access to continuing education workshops to expand your skillset.

  • Access to the latest technology can help grow your clinic’s offering.

The promise of a legacy

No matter the stage of your career, a well-planned retirement is the key to ensuring that your clinic retains your vision and personal touch. All the time, effort, care, skills, and dedication you’ve put into your clinic shouldn’t go away once you’ve chosen to retire.

Your life’s work should remain the same. By partnering with ECDG, you will not only ensure that your legacy remains intact, you will also benefit from the advantage of ensuring a replacement for your patients.

Yes, of course. We set a plan with the dentist and this decision is made when we negotiate the contract.

No, all of our dentists maintain control of their methods. That being said, we do expect dentists to follow the adequate care established by clinical experts.

No, not necessarily. We do have bargaining power with suppliers due to our size of business but we let you deal with our senior managers to make sure the best quality supplies are used.

The answer is no, although we try to support the network of clinical professionals on our team. You are free to work with whoever you like.

What we quickly realized is that every dental clinic is different. We have understood that it’s much more than a financial decision but also an emotional one when selling. When evaluating every clinic, we take into account the goodwill that you have developed and we want to continue to build on your reputation with patients in your community.

You can contact us by calling (506) 859-1751 or emailing [email protected].

If you are interested or would like more information contact us directly by calling 1 (506) 859-1751 or sending up an email [email protected]