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Over the last few years there have been major shifts in the business of dentistry. The landscape of how business is done is changing drastically with the entry of major corporate groups acquiring general and specialty dentistry practices. This trend is making it more and more difficult for the local independent dental office to compete. Corporate dentistry is based on a business model of production and profit. Dentist working within that model are pressured to increase sales. In this setting, clinicians are forced to provide auxiliary treatments which are not necessary or even beneficial to their patients.

The vision at East Coast Dental Group is to create a Maritime based dental group whose focus is on patients. Our objective is to enable the dental team to serve our population with a patient centered approach while providing our dentists the quality of life today’s professionals expect. Our model is focused on patients’ needs as well as clinician’s autonomy.

Our plan to combat these industry changes is to create a general dentistry business that will allow our practices to compete against the corporate group. We have built a model that allows our local Dentist to be part of something larger. Our Group is built on acquisition and partnership with local dentists.

We have assembled a management team able to provide the business services that individual practices cannot afford to support by distributing management salaries and expenses across more locations.

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Atlantic Canada’s fastest growing dental group!
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