Associate Opportunities

The beginning of your career in dentistry is crucial in defining the rest of your professional journey.

With ECDG by your side, you’ll be able to grow while pursuing your passion every single day. We have everything in place to create an environment that allows our dentists to grow not only professionally, but also personally while achieving their goals.

Our group is committed to providing support, leadership, and communication to our teams.

Working with East Coast Dental Group is like working with a dream team.

What I appreciate the most about our team is our prime motive, which is to provide the best patient care possible and everyone strives for it. Not only that the group embraces diversity, but also, they cherish it. ECDG supports us in several unsurpassed ways to bring out our best and outshine both as a team and as an individual.

I am very glad that I made the right choice of joining the ECDG family.

-Dr. Vidya Cuddalore Arivudainambi